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My lifelong love of video games began with Doom, sitting on my Dad's lap as a 2 year old back in the early 90s. Fast-forward 16 years, and I found myself embarking on my first video games job back in 2009 - the games being largely Web, Social Media and Mobile affairs. Thrown in at the deep end, I found that I excelled in Level Design; thinking about the spaces that players inhabited, and the experiences I could craft for them using every possible trick up my sleeve! That was a fast-paced time of rapid learning and experimentation for me. I owe a lot to those early days.

In recent years, I've found myself drawn more to the holistic craft of Game Design. My background in level design, as well as my programming education helps me to think systematically about what I'm creating, whereas my art college days lend more of a visual, experiential slant to those systems and games I create. In my current role, I'm lucky to work closely with two very talented teams who inspire me, and feel privileged to get constant feedback from the vocal Heavenstrike Rivals community as we continue to make more and more exciting live ops content for them, post-launch.

Outside of work, I play in two extreme metal bands who I write and record albums with, and regularly play around the country with at weekends. If you drop into a seedy looking metal bar, you might just see me in a flurry of hair, on stage! I also paint avidly, and hope to enter some competitions and gallery showings for my art later in the year.


  • Level Design
  • Game Design
  • Scripting

  • 3D Modelling
  • 2D Art
  • Prototyping

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